Young and jobless

PETALING JAYA: The youth unemployment rate in Malaysia has reached more than three times the national unemployment rate of 3.1%, due to the slower growth in hiring, according to Bank Negara in its 2016 annual report.

In 2015, the unemployment rate among youths was estimated to have reached 10.7%.

Bank Negara said youths represented more than half of unemployed workers, although it only made up a third of the labour force. Continue reading “Young and jobless”

Memperingati 193 tahun perpecahan Kepulauan Melayu


Kelmarin (17hb Mac 2017), genaplah 193 tahun berlakunya peristiwa perjanjian yang ditandatangani di antara dua kuasa besar nun jauh di kota London sana, namun perjanjian itu memberi kesan yang amat besar kepada penduduk peribumi di sebuah kepulauan besar di Timur Jauh dan kesannya sejak dari nenek moyang masih lagi dirasai sehinggalah kepada anak cucu mereka walau pada zaman teknologi kini. Continue reading “Memperingati 193 tahun perpecahan Kepulauan Melayu”

Kit Siang is playing innocent and denies involvement in ‘May 13’

Kit Siang says he is not to be blamed for or was not involved in the race riots of 13th May 1969 because he was not in Kuala Lumpur but was in Kota Kinabalu on that day. That is like saying Trotsky is not to be blamed for or was not involved in the Russian Revolution because he was in New York and was not in St Petersburg on the day the Tsar was ousted.


Raja Petra Kamarudin


Kit Siang and Karpal in the early days

Leon Trotsky was overseas in exile when the Russian Revolution exploded in February 1917. He did not return to Russia until three months later in May. Can Trotsky say he is not to be blamed or played no part in the Revolution since he was not in Russia when it happened?

In fact, 15 years before that, in 1902, Trotsky ran away to London where he joined the Socialist Democratic Party, which was when he first met Vladimir Lenin. On 15th March 1917, Trotsky was in New York when Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate. After the Bolsheviks took control of the Soviet government, Lenin ordered the formation of the Red Army and appointed Trotsky as its leader.

Anyway, that is not what we want to talk about today. What we want to discuss is Lim Kit Siang’s statement that he was in Kota Kinabalu on 13th May 1969 and hence he cannot be blamed for ‘May 13’ since he was not in Kuala Lumpur on the day it happened.

If you are a student of history you will know that the Russian Revolution did not start in February 1917 itself. It actually started 12 years before that on 22nd January 1905. A series of events over those 12 years brought it to a head until February 1917 when it exploded.


DAP’s election campaign was abolish Article 153 and kick the Malays out of the towns and cities and send them back to the kampungs

The same with ‘May 13’. The ‘May 13’ incident did not start on 13th May 1969. It may have exploded on 13th May 1969 but it built up through a series of events leading to May 1969. And the ‘May 13’ incident itself was actually triggered on 10th May 1969, when Kit Siang was shuttling between Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.

The opposition-organised demonstration in front of the USIS where one Chinese demonstrator was shot dead by a panicking Malay policeman. The huge funeral procession that was turned into an anti-government rally. The killing of a Malay warden by 11 Chinese in Pudu Jail. The anti-Malay demonstration in front of Pudu Jail. The Prime Minister’s decision to commute the death sentence for the 11 Chinese who killed the Malay warden due to pressure from the Chinese opposition party.

These and many more incidences such as those built up the anti-Malay momentum that led to ‘May 13’. And the election campaign in the months leading to the 10th May 1969 general election was most nasty and fiery where the Chinese were asked to kick the Malays out of the towns and cities and send them back to the kampungs. And, of course, the opposition-organised post-election rallies that turned into anti-Malay rallies made sure that ‘May 13’ would happen.


Mahathir blamed the Tunku for allowing the Chinese too much face until they had become ‘too much’

This was what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wrote to Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman on 17th June 1969:

You yourself told me that you have prevented a riot by commuting the death sentence of the 11 subversive Chinese. In truth this very action sparked the riots of 13 May, which resulted in the deaths of many, many more.

That was why the Chinese and the Indians behaved outrageously toward the Malays on 12th May. If you had been spit in the face, called dirty names and shown obscene gestures and private parts, then you could understand how the Malays felt. The Malays whom you thought would never rebel went berserk, and they hate you for giving (the Chinese) too much face.

So, ‘May 13’ did not happen on 13th May 1969 when Kit Siang said he was not in Kuala Lumpur but was in Kota Kinabalu. In fact, Kit Siang was not the only person who ran away from Kuala Lumpur and went into hiding on 13th May 1969. According to the late MGG Pillai, on 13th May 1969 Kuala Lumpur was ‘deserted’. All the who’s-who from both sides of the political divide had left Kuala Lumpur and had gone into hiding. They had known 24 hours before that that ‘May 13’ was going to happen.

MGG said he found it very puzzling. Where had everyone gone to? Why was everyone away all at the same time? Late that evening MGG found out why and he put two and two together and deduced that they had been warned about the impending riots and had been advised to leave Kuala Lumpur and to go into hiding some place safe.


The three days Malay-bashing orgy organised by the opposition triggered ‘May 13’

The opposition leaders, too, were warned 24 hours earlier that race riots were about to explode on 13th May 1969. They were also told that the riots were in response to the provocation by the Chinese and Indians from 10th to 12th May 1969. During those three days the non-Malays had gone too far and had pushed the Malays to the edge with their taunts and insults and now the Malays were out of control.

There are always consequences to your actions. And the events of 13th May 1969 were the consequences to the events from 10th to 12th May. Some say Umno could have always controlled the explosion. The problem is if Umno tried to stifle the explosion then it would have imploded instead, like what Mahathir told the Tunku. And the reason is because there were some within Umno who today are Kit Siang’s and DAP’s very good friends who were playing the role of agitator and agent provocateur.

One such agitator and agent provocateur, Mahathir, showed his hand when the following month he asked that MCA be kicked out of the ruling coalition. As far as Mahathir was concerned there should be no Chinese participation whatsoever in the government. The Chinese should be sidelined and treated as second-class citizens with no political representation in the government.


Siew Sin and MCA took the opposite stand to Kit Siang and DAP regarding Article 153 and Malay privileges

This was what was reported by the mainstream media on 5th June 1969:

According to Mahathir, the support given to Tun Tan Siew Sin by the Chinese chambers of commerce and other Chinese organisations could not be taken as support from the Chinese community as a whole to MCA because those organisations did not represent the desires of the Chinese community as a whole.

“If MCA wants to know whether they have the support of the Chinese, they have to wait for the next general election. Since this will take quite some time, it is no longer necessary for MCA to remain in the Cabinet,” he emphasised. Mahathir also said that MIC’s position in the Cabinet should also be reconsidered.


In a Press Statement released by Umno’s Secretary General, Senu Abdul Rahman, reported by the Utusan Melayu on 6th June 1969, it said:

Mahathir Mohamad ceases to be a member of the UMNO Supreme Council with effect from today. This decision was taken following the wide distribution to the public of Mahathir’s letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman, President of Umno Malaysia.

In that letter, Mahathir whacked the Tunku and called him a Chinese lover and said that ‘May 13’ was the result of the Chinese not knowing their place and for being too arrogant and insulting towards the Malays. In short, the Chinese deserved what they received and even then that was still very mild and they should have been punished even worse.

Do you think Kit Siang is ignorant about all this? Kit Siang is not just not ignorant but he knows about the role of the ‘Young Turks’ in triggering ‘May 13’ — although it was triggered in response to what the Chinese and Indians did from 10th to 12th May.

And one of the leading ‘Young Turks’ who was later sacked from Umno is Kit Siang’s bedfellow, Mahathir, the man who said that Kit Siang is the number one racist in Malaysia.

Kit Siang’s excuse that he was in Kota Kinabalu and not in Kuala Lumpur on the 13th of May 1969 is a silly argument that may work on a lower primary school child. Trotsky was also not in St Petersburg when the Russian Revolution exploded. But the entire world credits the Revolution to Trotsky just like May 13 can be ‘credited’ to Kit Siang and Mahathir, two people who used to hate each other for almost 50 years and now are sleeping in the same bed because both are united by mutual self-interest — both want to save their sons.

What would Karpal Singh have said if he were still alive today? Well, this video can probably give you a good idea:

Mengapa Hawa dicipta ketika Adam sedang tidur?


Menurut pakar psikologi.., seorang lelaki jika dia kesakitan, maka selalunya akan membuatkan timbul dalam hatinya rasa benci. Sebaliknya wanita, saat dia kesakitan, maka semakin bertambah sayang dan cintanya..

Seandainya Hawa diciptakan dari Adam alaihissalam saat Adam terjaga, pastilah Adam akan merasakan sakit keluarnya Hawa dari rusuknya hingga dia membenci Hawa. Continue reading “Mengapa Hawa dicipta ketika Adam sedang tidur?”

Bahasa, Melayu dan nasib hilang peta


Kita harus terima hakikat, suatu peta baru sudah dicipta untuk wilayah dan taman perumahan di Malaysia. Nama yang asalnya berbunyi Melayu dan Nusantara sudah terhapus. Peta baru wujud bersama simbol dan semangat baru di Malaysia.

Nama Melayu di kawasan separa tradisional seperti Kampung Baru, Kampung Abdullah Hukum, Kampung Pandan, Kampung Kerinchi dan Kampung Datuk Keramat semakin dimodenkan dengan nama baru yang kononnya lebih bugar dan glokal.

Kampung Kerinchi yang dulunya kawasan setinggan dan wilayah penagih dadah sudah bergelar Bangsar South. Tidak jauh dari itu, ada pula Bangsar Village.

Kampung Abdullah Hukum dan Kampung Pantai Dalam sudah lusuh dari peta moden. Kampung Baru juga diyakini akan hilang daripada sebutan awam apabila rangka pembangunan nasional yang bertujuan memodenkan kawasan tradisi sedang berjalan lancar.

Hari ini kaum pemodal dan kapitalis rakus menfaraidkan wilayah negara bersama penguasa politik. Mereka tidak peduli bahasa dan budaya Melayu. Mereka glokal dan globalisasi. Mereka rakus dan ganas.

Mereka lakukan apa saja kerana boleh pergunakan akta dan hukum kanun untuk mencapai hasrat dan tujuan.

Jangan terperanjat apabila nama asing wujud secara keterlaluan di Kuala Lumpur, Lembah Klang, Pulau Pinang dan Johor. Mereka boleh membangunkan Forest City dengan sekelip mata dengan nama asing dan wajah asing.

Melayu dan bahasanya akan terus di belakang kerana yang berkuasa di Forest City adalah golongan yang tidak boleh dicabar. Lebih malang, orang asing dikatakan akan diberikan hak milik kekal dan pegangan bebas.

Syarikat misteri 1MDB dan pelabur China sedang sibuk menfaraidkan pembangunan di kawasan lapangan terbang Sungai Besi dan seluruh negara.

Kita tidak hairan tentang nilai pelaburan. Yang kita bimbang penguasaan asing akan membawa bencana terhadap kedaulatan bahasa dan budaya tempatan. Isu politik dan ekonomi bukan lagi menjadi rahsia umum.

Usaha merendahkan imej dan bahasa Melayu sudah lama berlaku. Sejak Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad memperkenalkan dasar penswastaan dan korporat pada 1982, fungsi swasta dalam pembangunan nasional begitu ketara.


Bukan di London atau New York

Pelaburan mereka bermatlamatkan keuntungan. Pemodal yang juga kapitalis adalah sekutu setia politikus yang korup. Mereka mempergunakan kuasa untuk melabur dan melebur.

Kapitalis membangunkan sesuatu kawasan, tidak salah. Yang tak betul ialah apabila pembangunan mengabaikan kemajuan budaya dan bahasa. Jati diri tempatan diperlekeh ke tahap yang luar biasa.

Namun hari ini perbuatan mengaibkan bahasa sendiri bukan satu kesalahan. Undang-undang tidak meletakkan isu bahasa sebagai fakta kes. Bahasa hanya wujud dalam perlembagaan. Bahasa Melayu bahasa rasmi. Namun jika bahasa Melayu tidak dihormati dan diabaikan, ia bukan kesalahan di Malaysia.

Pendaulatan bahasa terus diketepikan. Justeru, wujud nama aneh dan asing untuk petempatan dan taman perumahan di Lembah Klang.

The Peak, Tivoli Villa, Atmosfera, Vista Millennium, Casa Prima dan Park Avenue itu wujudnya bukan di New York, London atau Toronto. Ia sebahagian daripada taman perumahan dan kondominium di Kuala Lumpur!

Jangan hairan jika ayah dan ibu dari kampung susah mahu menyebut nama sesetengah kawasan perumahan kerana lafaznya terlalu aneh untuk mereka, dan tidak mencerminkan identiti Melayu.

Kawasan urban dan elit lebih mesra menggunakan nama aneh, mungkin kerana keanehan cara berfikir penghuninya sendiri. Pemaju perumahan ghairah menggunakan nama asing untuk taman perumahan.

Mereka tidak membuat kesalahan kerana tiada peruntukan daripada Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur atau mana-mana pihak berkuasa tempatan yang melarang penggunaan nama asing untuk kawasan kediaman. Pemaju hanya membina kediaman, sekali gus mengaut keuntungan.

Mereka tidak terikat mendaulatkan bahasa Melayu kerana tiada peruntukan berbuat demikian. PBT pula lebih selesa meluluskan projek, hatta di kawasan berisiko di lereng bukit dan tadahan air semata-mata atas nama pembangunan.

Tidak kisah premis nama Melayu atau tidak, asalkan pembangunan diteruskan.

Usaha meremehkan bahasa Melayu di taman perumahan berjalan lancar. Walaupun Dr Mahathir tidak lagi berkuasa, pewarisnya juga tetap mempunyai agenda yang sama.

Politik, ekonomi dan pembangunan perlu seiring. Politikus dan kapitalis seiring jalan membangunkan negara ketika budayawan, ahli bahasa dan sasterawan semakin diketepikan. Ustaz dan lebai pula sedang zuhud dan istiqamah dengan perjuangan hudud yang entah bila tercapai.

Pada 2000, ada segelintir pejuang bahasa Melayu yang melatah penggunaan perkataan “presint” yang diubah daripada “precinct” di Putrajaya.


Tiada budaya, citra di Malaysia

Mereka mencadangkan penggunaan nama yang lebih sesuai dengan budaya setempat. Namun apalah yang ada pada budayawan dan ahli bahasa, termasuk juga pegawai Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), ahli Persatuan Penulis Nasional (PENA) dan Gabungan Persatuan Penulis Nasional (GAPENA), kerana suara mereka tenggelam di sebalik keghairahan politik nasional yang lebih mencaturkan kerakusan kuasa dan agihan ekonomi.

Pencinta bahasa Melayu sentiasa di belakang dan perkataan “presint” dikekalkan walaupun mengikut bermaksud “kawasan terkepung terutama di sekeliling gereja, larangan bagi lalu lintas dalam sesebuah pekan”.

Kamus Dwibahasa terbitan DBP pula menjelaskan “presint” bermaksud “ruang yang berpagar (di gereja), batasan sesuatu daerah”.

Pedulikan maksud dalam kamus kerana kehidupan sekarang jarang merujuk kamus, apatah lagi ketika Malaysia sekarang terlalu sibuk mencipta kemajuan.

Barangkali demi memenuhi impian kemajuan, penggunaan ungkapan aneh semakin berleluasa. Laluan pejalan kaki berhawa dingin yang menghubungkan Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) dengan Bukit Bintang sepanjang 1.173 kilometer dikaitkan dari aras concourse Pusat Konvensyen Kuala lumpur. Tiada ungkapan lain selain concourse?

Sebelum ini kita tidak kisah menyebut nama Jalan Pekeliling yang sepatutnya Jalan Berkeliling mengambil ungkapan asalnya Circular Road!

Sekali lagi, kita tak kisah menggunakan ungkapan salah, seperti juga kita tidak rasa janggal menyebut Kuala Lumpur Sentral, Pudu Sentral, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), The Mall, Lot 10 (baca Lot Ten), Ampang Point, Central Market dan bermacam lagi.

Yang kita pasti nasib bahasa Melayu semakin celaru di buminya sendiri. Ketika kita ghairah mencapai negara maju dan Wilayah Persekutuan sebagai daerah selamat dihuni, kita kekal celaru dan hilang jati diri.

Bahasa dan budaya dipersenda, nilai murni sekadar sandiwara dan kita pun kekal dengan prasangka pembangunan, keliru antara angka ekonomi dan nasib marhaen di lorong belakang Chow Kit. Barangkali inilah wajah kita yang terkini!

Kita semakin kehilangan peta. Seperti Melayu kampung Kerinchi yang kehilangan citra dan wilayah. Bahasa dan budaya kita makin longlai. Kita sebenarnya bersetuju dengan pembangunan untuk tidak bersetuju dengan kesan yang ditinggalkan.

Pejuang bahasa dan sastera, budayawan dan sarjana, suara kalian sudah lupus. Anda harus terima hakikat; Malaysia bukan sebuah negara bangsa. Tiada budaya dan tiada citra di Malaysia!

IMLAN ADABI adalah sasterawan dan bekas wartawan Berita Harian. Tulisan ini pandangan peribadi beliau dan bukan pendirian rasmi Malaysiakini.