Finally, my first anniversary!

Time flies damn fast! I was wondering, i just join B.Braun. A fresh graduated student from local polytechnic now been working with big MNC company in Penang. Yes, since in joined i never stop learning and learning. Got a lot of new thing i have learn from my lovely clique and friends. It was a very wonderful journey for me. I will use this way to gain a lot of experience for myself.I’m a small guy in very professional working environment, made me learnt a lot of things and also give me a lot of positive way how to thinking. Yes, if i were in normal organization and just in a small company, i will not be the new Luthfi as now. Dealing with a lot of people, communicate with different races made my mind totally changed.

I’m always thinking about my future, set my target for next following years, list up my task and working independently has made me always fresh and motivated. Err, is it caused by i’m a fresh grad? No rite?

A year with a lot of changes, a year with full throttle of spirit and a year with a lot of support..

Hopefully, i will be like this always.



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  1. Tahniah bro..

    Semoga terus sukses bro.

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