Happy Birthday to you!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to My Bro 
Mohd Shukri bin Suib
Teacher at SMT Kuala Kangsar
31 years old

and Happy Bithday to my classmate
Muhammad Nur Rifandi 
Politeknik Seberang Perai Student
19 years old

May Allah Bless you'all..
Sorry my fren, l'am busy rite now..
After or on raya, Insyaallah i'll update my blog..
A lot of stories i want to share with u'all..
so, keep visit my blog :P 

Luth Textile

Many friend call me "Luth Textile" because of my experience working at Textile Department, Kamdar Bkt Mertajam Visit My Blog : http://luthtextile.com

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