I'm leaving..

Medical Project Management

I will leaving.. It’s my seventh month i was working here, as a project coordinator. This is my first job after i has been graduated, and this is also my first company i had working using my diploma.

I’m a freshie. I don’t know about job that i should do, i don’t know about company and their product and others. Besides, if i wanted to use my last experience when be a practical student, that’s totally different with my current company. There is a fabric maker company, working in a high pressure environment, playing with spanner and a hot equipment and also fixing a big machine. That’s my last experience.
B.Braun Extension Building Progress

Now, in a medical company it’s totally different. I has been stationed in an office, an open office. Got a lot of department and for me it’s a nice working environment although my neighbor was sitting beside my cube is a different department, i can communicate with them and learned a lot of things. There’s a good thing here. I love it. I’m a project coordinator, this is a first time my boss hired a technician for this important department. I’m dealing with a lot of people, to make sure my task can be completed. Dealing with vendors, engineering guys, a production people and also all the bosses!

Got a lot of thing.. I can’t describe it here..

Last Friday, i received a letter from  Public Services Commission of Malaysia. So, I’ve decided to leave B.Braun and continue my life and my new journey. I will try. God wishes!

Luthfi Suib

Abah Rizqi. 30 Tahun. Seorang yang minat menulis dan mengembara. Dah banyak sangat tulis blog, berpindah randah dari Wordpress ke Tumblr dan kembali ke Blogger. Saya suka menulis tentang kehidupan, berkongsi pengalaman dan lain-lain lagi.

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