Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm leaving..

Medical Project Management

I will leaving.. It’s my seventh month i was working here, as a project coordinator. This is my first job after i has been graduated, and this is also my first company i had working using my diploma.

I’m a freshie. I don’t know about job that i should do, i don’t know about company and their product and others. Besides, if i wanted to use my last experience when be a practical student, that’s totally different with my current company. There is a fabric maker company, working in a high pressure environment, playing with spanner and a hot equipment and also fixing a big machine. That’s my last experience.
B.Braun Extension Building Progress

Now, in a medical company it’s totally different. I has been stationed in an office, an open office. Got a lot of department and for me it’s a nice working environment although my neighbor was sitting beside my cube is a different department, i can communicate with them and learned a lot of things. There’s a good thing here. I love it. I’m a project coordinator, this is a first time my boss hired a technician for this important department. I’m dealing with a lot of people, to make sure my task can be completed. Dealing with vendors, engineering guys, a production people and also all the bosses!

Got a lot of thing.. I can’t describe it here..

Last Friday, i received a letter from  Public Services Commission of Malaysia. So, I’ve decided to leave B.Braun and continue my life and my new journey. I will try. God wishes!

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