#twtupkedah was my first twtup ever!

#twtupkedah 1st twtup ever!

#twtupkedah 1st twtup ever!

Last weekend, I just went to Sungai Petani for #twtupkedah. Actually I didnt plan to join this tweetup but bored Saturday hit me, I have no choice to joined this event.

I am a blogger (really?) I just only get my passion to join any blogger gathering because for me, blogger gath can get more informations, a lot of sharing, tips and etc. So because of that, I not interested to join any tweetup. I cant see the purpose of tweetup and what I can get from it besides new friend.

Huh, #twtupkedah so far so good. 3 hours I was there, I didnt feel bored. (Coz Im really bored at home). I met new friends, there are cool. #gelaktutupmulut.

Thanks to organizers, Raj, Neesa, Nabil and others. I cant remember your name. Oh ya, to @RyaAmani sorry because I didnt inform you earlier that I want to join this #twtupkedah.

Although this tweetup has been joined by imported people (from KL, Taiping, Selangor and Penang myself) I can see that we can unite and play together even tough were not came from same place.


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