Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Delete Instagram account

Hello there,

Instagram is an addicted application which can cause many things if we missuses it. People nowadays can easily share their location, thought and picture in one single application and able to share to other social network account. For me, Instagram is a right apps to use in order to avoid friends that we do not like to be in social network by lock our account (make it private).

I'm addicted to Instagram since 2012, I have close to 5,500 pcs pictures in my Instagram account and some more, I have close to 1,000 followers. Besides that, I have various check-in with my Instagram Places entire Malaysia Peninsular, South Thailand, Europe, and UAE!.

But, last 3 weeks ago, I've decided to delete it and wanted to start from fresh.

Now, I've lost all my sweet memories in many places, I couldn't check where i went and so on.

For me, it is not a big lost. The most important things is my personal details are secured. Hope I will more be careful in social network.

24 June 2014

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