Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ten Signs Your Boss Hates You

Ten Signs Your Boss Hates You

1. Your job description, once well-established and well-understood by everyone in your department, is now in flux. Your boss gives you assignments and takes them away for no reason, to keep you off-balance.

2. Your projects and initiatives, once high priorities for  your boss as well, now languish because you can’t get your boss to return your email messages or answer your questions.

3. Access to your manager that you took for granted before is now limited or unavailable completely. Where you were your manager’s confidante before, now you can’t even get on his or her calendar.

4. Your co-workers ask you “What happened between you and the boss? You were a trusted adviser to our manager and now you’re on the outs — what’s the story?”

5. Perks of the job that were in place for months or years — first-class or business-class travel, for instance, or a budget for professional development and conferences — disappear without explanation.

6. Your boss makes changes that affect your work and doesn’t tell you about them, so you have to learn about them through the grapevine. Your boss is sending you a signal, and the signal is “You’ve messed with the wrong person!”

7. Your boss puts you down — via email, face-to-face and maybe even in front of other people.

8. Your boss second-guesses you at every opportunity, especially when other people are involved — to embarrass and demoralize you.

9. You don’t have a good answer to the question “What will I be working on in my job six months from now?”

10. Your boss shuts you out of important conversations and decision processes, to make sure you know you are not in his or her inner circle.

When you realize that you’re on the outs with your boss, can anything be done? The first question for you to ask is “What does your current job have to give you that you haven’t gotten already?” If there is something very special and valuable for you to learn or accumulate at your job before you move on, then you may opt to stick it out and get the good stuff, putting up with your manager’s slights and insults as best you can.

You can speak up and ask your manager “Is there something awry in our relationship that we need to talk about?” but if your boss were able to verbalize his or her feelings, s/he would have done that already.

Your best bet is to start a stealth job search and move to a healthier place with a grown-up boss who can talk about things on his or her mind instead of acting out like an eight-year-old.

There is a bright side to getting the cold shoulder from your boss, however; once you’ve had the experience, you’ll spot the warning signs more easily the next time. Take the learning and go — because only the people who get you, deserve you!

Source : Forbes 

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