Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saga Iswara Club (SIC)

Last night, I meet my friend, Syukri at Restaurant Subaidah at Highway Seberang Jaya and got a new friend there. Syukri was a member of SagaIswaraClub (SIC). I'm very blurr at 1st meet like this.
Currently, there are about 14 members at the table and there all so cool. The founder of this club, Chai is very friendly person and talkative.

FYI, this club not for Penangities SIC owner only. There a lot of KL and Johorean member and there are the most active member in this club. If you're owner from Perak, you can enter SIC Perak. SIC  have all member in the country! So, dont worried if you are diffrent region from me. This is SIC Malaysia, not SIC Penang, or what ever..  

Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera and you all must be want to see the row of Saga's on the road. Next time i'll bring it. So, to Saga or Iswara owner here, lets join the club. Maybe we can change experience or you all can buy either sell your stuff here. The most important here, before enter this club, make sure you have Saga or Iswara cars ok? Haha..  Enter this blog to see one of the fellow bloggers comment about Saga Iswara Club. 

How to identify Saga or Iswara? I'll explain about it next entry! 


  1. akak bajek nak jual la iswara itam akak tu..huhuhuhu..

  2. Psst nyah...some grammar mistake...hopefully you can correct it...

  3. hahaha... god job by using english language bro.

    p/s: ada tak club Jet Peribadi?

  4. bozzo -
    ini club saga iswara je.. wira bro kena cari dalam goggle la eh..

    kak cendawan -
    beli keta baru la kak.. best sket..

    mak blog -
    oh.. besala.. orang baru nak belajar bi,, heheh..

    kapten -
    hah.. hang buatla klub tu.. takdak lagi kot..

  5. teringin nak beli saga baru, tp tokei kedai tu tak layan....

  6. ait..kemaren je aku melalu lalang kat sJ. xpasan pun...huhu

  7. dpt murah tak kalo nak beli kete if i join? kalo jadi member dpt duit tak? ahaks..mata duitan sungguh..:-p

  8. wawawa iswara jer ker ada club keta lain tak leh join ker

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  10. huhuhu....join kelab kte yea... my sis join procc..