Friday, October 19, 2012

Thanks for everything, Ann

Luthfi & Ann @ MP Hari Raya

Hi Ann,

I believe that you wont read my blog. But eventhough i know you will not read this, i still want to write about me, you and us. Allow me to share with you about it.

You are the first european lady that i met. Honestly, i never talk to any white lady before. Hehe, as highlighted by you, most of people here will stare at white people. It is not common to us to see any white people in nearby area. Thats why for some people, the white people might be attractive. Anyway, people in Malaysia are very friendly. Proven isnt it?

It is my pleasure to brought you around Penang. I still remember, i brought you to our colleagues open house for Hari Raya. Ive borrowed you my sisters baju kurung. I cant forget how you wear it for the first time. :P . Ive show you about Malay custom during Hari Raya, cookies and dishes. What i can see, you enjoy our local food and love it. A part of it, i also brought you to the Durian farm, share with you how the durian taste like. I really amazed that you willing to taste Durian even you heard bad story about it. Nice isnt it?

After that, we went to Balik Pulau and look around the small town and took some picture.

Ann, thanks on your help and advise during my preparation go to Germany last two weeks. I still keep your advise on how to drive safely, tips during in airport, how to drive in Germany, and so on. Hehe, i feel proud to have original german people to give me some advise on my first trip, :P

Since i came back from Germany, im not feeling good and too busy with my task. So that i cant spend my time together with you and friends. Remember or not, you still owe me a dinner?

A lot of things that we already do, share and face together during 3 months you was here. I really sorry for things that i make you upset, angry and sad during our friendship. I also sorry because i cant send you to airport this evening.

Im looking forward to meet you again in Germany, next year. Hopefully..

Regards, Luthfi

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