Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let's Go To Lata Bayu, Kedah Darul Aman

It's my first time here! The journey it very long and so challenging! I'm travel from my house and went to my sister's house 1st to prepared our food and stuff to eat. My mum cook for our lunch at Lata Bayu and prepared some cloth to get swimming overthere.
Abang Ngah is a leader, show me the road. BALING, 34km more

For me, driving to Lata Bayu is a very peaceful driving i ever had! No traffic jammed, no mat rempit make a show and the most important thing, is not the road dont have too much traffic lights. I hate traffic light! Traffic light make road become jammed! I hate it. Ok, back to our topic now, we are toward to Laya Bayu by using two cars. I'm driving my car with my little sister and brother. Also my little daughter. The second car conduct by my brother in law, with his wife (my sister) and my lovely parents.I dont know the way to the Lata. Abang Ngah guide me.

After we had a long journey, finally i'm arrived. The Lata like 'ulu' and I know, if you are come from KL maybe you must compalint the invornment here. It's still raining, but not to heavy rain.
MYVIan had a gathering here. They make the parking lot become full. WTF 
We had our lunch at 215pm. There are soo many people here. We are not in weekend. Today is Monday. But still many people here. 'Wakaf' already full! So, have a nice picnic boss.. After perfomed a solah, we are going to swimming! (mandi sungai pun swimming ke arr?
click the image if you want to see more bigger!
Finally, after lovely daughter enjoy swimming at the waterfall, it's time for going back. Before back, take a picture first.

Thats all.. Sory, my english not vey well


  1. kalau bab mandi2 neh mmg aku jeles gile ahhh..balik mesia ritu xsmpat nak mandi sungaiiiiii.tensen aku

  2. Amboi seronoknya gi picnic.. Lain kali ajak kak tirana sekali tau..hehehe

  3. ehem2..bes nye jln2...j0m layan....

    next tme leh pi la...yay!

  4. perh..sedp seh g air terjun...
    ak tau t klo ak g bl kain kt sne ley la ko bwk ak plak...
    ok yek saudagar kain?

  5. lamanye tak gi air terjun mcm nie..
    d0k kat utan batu memang borenkz laa

  6. ehhh....dah tukar layout yer...erm aku pun dah lama tak mandi air terjun nih...awat tak bagitau leh join sekali...

  7. pnah pegi tengok2 air kat sini years ago. ehe. xmandi pun.

    best nya cuti2 gni pegi mandi jeram. tskk

  8. Wa....enjoy nya dia!

    best kan gi tempat2 sekarang ni klu gi waterfall ke, pantai ke...kite x mandi pun....

    Segan la....but happy tgk anak2 kecil riang mandi manda....

    Klu ajak mandi pool...? Ok kot... :P

  9. wah... Kedah ada Lata Bayu... Perak ada Lata Iskandar... seronoknya dia... last akak mandi air tojun... kat Ulu Chepor ajo... tu pun sbb dekat aje...

  10. luth..takpe kalau english tak berapa betul pon... leh perbaiki lagi... nak tnye2 kat sha pon leh gak.. neway best nye leh g kelah2..dah lama tak kelah2..

  11. luth... next time ke Lata Bukit Hijau pulak yer... the best in Kedah.

  12. tahniah ...
    teruskan menulis dlm english bior lbh hebat skit dr si zara tuh ...
    not bad lorh 'ur writing , janji org paham sudey ...
    ubey , ko x nk jd cikgu english jap ker ??

  13. byk sgt 'broken english'.
    len kali tulis mlayu je,
    k? xar memalukan diri sgt.

  14. org pun penah pegi tmpt nih..
    jln dia mmg advantured gilak..hehe..
    tp mnd dkt sini mmg besh..he
    happy holiday~

  15. anonymous..
    xkesah r broken ke ape..
    janji dia ada usaha nak tulis kan??..
    jgn la menjeleskan diri..hehee