Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Im stuck!

1st, this is a time for me to settle the report. I've one week before the industrial training end. I dont know how to write a report coz last semester, i didnt attended any classes foe industrial training.

My report should in English or Bahasa? Im confuse. My english not very well, just can write (with grammer mistake) and i dont have any problem to write the report in Bahasa. Thats my language. Im proud to be Malay. Grammer mistake make me want to write in Bahasa.

My friend, engineer in steam engineering tell me, a report should be in English, easy to write and easy to copy from internet. I know, but i cant to do it. Im shame!

Textile Manifacturing + Maintanance? Im taking Mechanical Engineering in Manifacturing. All in one. WTH?


  1. ooo stadi Mechanical Engineering in Manifacturing....akak pon nyaris2 nk termasuk kos akak dpt kat politeknik seberang last masuk uitm amik QS jer...

  2. hek3.. tp sy engineering computer and networking. tulis la english dol, report kot..

  3. yup..i guess use english.

    but dl mse bby study kt uitm, dak2 engineering bt report in malay je pun. apsal tah. kitorang yg CS & Secretarial science yg report in english.

    might b lecturer derang dont mind kot.

  4. aku ade wt umah sewa kt kok lanas. utk student politkenik kok lanas sewa. lepas diorang blah. ade sorg. civil engineering kot. dia tinggal report praktikal dia. in malay. tetapi tebal gle nk mampus.

  5. salam luth apa2pun saya doakan semoga luth berjaya siapkan report tu..

  6. Hey,u're not supposed to be be shame.u can imprve ur grmmar with read a lot of books.;).good luck ya.

  7. it's ok laa luth...
    better to try than never kan?
    learning thru experience...

  8. buat draft dulu,tunjuk kat supervisor (lecturer in charge)...
    tgk ape yg die komen,kite betolkan..itu je aku rasa cara yg terbaik..
    paling bagus kalo report dlm english.. :)

  9. in english la. baru lectr terkejut nt. bagus budak ni, anta pegi industrial training dah terer omputih. hiks.

    papepun, bm jgn lupa. baca paper melayu ye. huks

  10. Luth, n3 ni pun ada spelling mistakes. This is from an English teacher, hehehe! Anyway, Good Luck with your report!

  11. hahaha.. tu la.. entry ni mmg ada speling error.. kak, tolong cekkan report i nanti, boleh? Hahahha

  12. haha

    rilek arr bro,
    aku pun amek kos len
    bt praktikal pun x de kena ngena dgn apa yg bljr

  13. khairil, hang praktikal dapat elaun banyak, tak macam aku..wakakkaa..

    meo, tula, aku nak tulih bi. tp takut tak betoi

  14. Luth,
    English ke bahasa ke... sama jer...
    janji report siap... takkan nak copy... nanti kantoi lagi malu... buat der jer.. janji kita betul... yang penting, guna ayat sendiri.... yeh babe... u can do it....

  15. weh...
    ko wat je bhsa ap yg ko sk....
    ak dl bm je...
    xda plak lec bsng2...

  16. Ikut keselesaan Luth....
    kalau BI, ok gak...
    suh lah sapa2 yg terror tuk check grammar....


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